Content Management System (CMS Egypt)

you can control the content of your internal web pages through a service called Content Management System (CMS), as you can edit, add, delete and update the information of your website through the secure control panel by yourself without consulting any technician or having experience in programming, because it is very easy to use system.

Easy to use, Bespoke Design, Secure Interface and Source Code Delivery are the qualities of the CMS service, and here are a brief about each quality:

  • Easy to use:

Content Management System is very easy to use by any user, even if he doesn’t have experience in programming, he can easily and quickly update the inputs of the website.

  • Bespoke Design:

Content Management System gives the opportunity to the users to implement all the works, including website updating, company reports, administration, marketing, pay-roll and all other daily work, by using a simple system at the beginning and then using a complex automated system.

  • Secure Interface: 

ASP, ASP.NET are used in parallel with MS-Access or MS SQL database are very secured and safe to be used in the Content Management System and it is very easy to use by the users without any interruptions as before we  provide the product to the market we assist it .

  • Source Code Delivery:

Our customers are free to select any other provider to update their WebPages, as we deliver the programming instructions to the clients directly without any restrictions, and we also provide a 100% Source code to them and nothing can be hidden.